Friday, August 24, 2007

A taste of community - it's like cooking ribs

"It's like cooking ribs" ! - I could not help myself but to bring this piece of news to you, especially because of the context in which it is told. There is a tremendous analogy and insight into the mind of the human, but let me tell you upfront - while I am pasting the link for you to follow, if you love cooking ribs then do not go and read this !

Man ! I consider myself fairly insensitive to "gross" imagery, but when I read this I really felt so put off that I myself was considering becoming a vegetarian, much the same as this writer. I shudder to think what will come up in my mind the next time I sit down to a serving of ribs. I am fairly sure it will be a while before I consider cooking ribs again.

And then, the guy he is speaking to, likens community life to it - "it's like cooking ribs" he says. When there is joy or sadness, pigs are slaughtered.

A taste of community, MO - 18 Aug 2007
It's like cooking ribs. I make a joke about becoming a vegetarian. But this dead pig stench, strong and powerful as it is, smells familiar. ...

Please forgive me placing this, but it just hit home hard and left me deep in ponderance. How will you feel the next time you find yourself cooking ribs ?

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